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Chapter 17
New Waves
NW Chapter 017
Release Date February 14, 2011
Volume 2
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Sera Kang
Pages 16
Chapter 16
Chapter 18

Chapter 17 is the 17th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



The chapter starts with Jin-Ie retrieving Shi-Woon from elder Jang. Shi-Woon lies flat on the floor, as she retrieves him. So she wonders whether he is alright. But somehow Shi-Woon stands up (though he falls in Jin-Ie's arms immediately after) and thanks Jang, which makes the latter wonder, how this was possible, because he was sure, Shi-Woon lost consciousness, as he intended. Anyhow, he calms himself, that there is no way Shi-Woon will return to him again. The next morning a rejuvenated Shi-Woon leaves him speechless. The scene changes to elder Kwon hearing a report of Jang's activities after asking where he is. It's been a couple of days at that time.

In a car with Jang-Il, Jin-Ie and Shi-Woon, Jang-Il reflects on how crazy it is, that Shi-Woon came back every morning after being flatted the day before and to top it of gained considerable strength in the process. They reach Seoul station, where Jang-Il seeks assistance of Seung-Jae Bae, a homeless guy who still seems to live at a high standard, as he served them expensive coffee. He turns out to be a genius doctor. Seung-Jae starts explaining that he wonders why a kid with broken Ki center would go through the Endless Training regimen. At this point Jang-Il interrupts him, sending Shi-Woon outside. Jin-Ie who waited outside is wondering why Shi-Woon seems so far away now. She had the impression, they grew closer.

Inside Seung-Jae explains that Shi-Woon is a walking spirit medicine because his body is infused all over with enough Ki, to heal most wounds within half a day. The chapter ends with a shocked Jang-Il who says he has to make a phone call and leaves.



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