Chapter 171
New Waves
NW Chapter 171
Release Date September 12, 2014
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 14
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Chapter 172

Chapter 171 is the 171st chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


Jin-Ie and Sera find out that Kang-Sung and Ju Sang-Sik are on their way and decide to follow. In the car Kang-Sung expreses his resolve to go down fighting. The fight between Jae-gal and Jae-Kyu Kwon has started with Jae-gal aiming to only earn time since, underestimating Shi-Woon, he believes that his people can take care of him. Yong-Hyun Yan reveals to Ji-Woo Li that he knows that she does not hate Ji-Gun Yoo but exactly the opposite and that he will have her back no matter what. Ha-ru appears with a threatening behaviour.


Kang-Sung's right hand (an unnamed chief) informs Jin-Ie Kwon and Sera Kang that Kang-Sung has left. Jin-Ie expresses her worries regarding his condition which is explained to be the reason why his subordinates tried to dissuade him but with no luck. Sera interrupts them suggesting that they should hurry.

In the car, Kang-Sung and Doctor Ju Sang-Sik are on their way. Kang-Sung states that he should not worry and go with him to which the doctor states that in his condition he should be resting and that they will not make it in time either way. Kang-Sung agrees but states that he does not intents to accept his fate without a fight. He questions the doctor's reason for following to which he responds that an old friend of his is there.

The fight between Jae-gal and Jae-Kyu Kwon has started with Kwon on the offensive. During a pause in their fight Kwon asks if Jae-gal intends to avoid fighting and Jae-gal states that he was caught on by Kwon. He then reveals that he did not intend to fight the strongest person. The Ganju, Shi-Woon Yi, has gone on alone and even if he is relatively strong he won't make it to the end. So keeping Kwon there should be enough until the "Silence of Seoul" which will take place soon, thus there is no hope for them. Kwon disagrees and states that Shi-Woon is stronger that his wildest imagination.

During Shi-Woon's fight with the S.U.C. members Yong-Hyun Yan and Ji-Woo Li watch from afar commending on his growth. As Yong-Hyun looks back at the worried Ji-Woo he states that Ji-Gun Yoo is safe and she should not worry revealing that he followed her when she went to warn them of the bombing. Putting things together, Yong-Hyun states that the scar on the her, which she said that Ji-Gun caused it, was not caused by him. As Ji-Woo gets anxious he states that he only intends to explain that she should consider again whether she wants to continue with the plan as there is no return to a normal life. She says that there is already no going back. Then he states that he will have her back no matter what choices she makes. As she proceeds to ask what he means Ha-ru shows up commenting the odd atmosphere. Ji-Woo shouts at her late arrival and Ha-ru responds that this is no way to talk to her superiors and asks if she forgot, leaving Ji-Woo asking "what?".



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