Chapter 16
New Waves
NW Chapter 016
Release Date February 8, 2011
Volume 2
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Jin-Ie Kwon
Jang-Il Jeong
Gyu-Bum Yi
Pages 20
Chapter 15
Chapter 17

Chapter 16 is the 16th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon Yi is seen sitting in the back seat of a car on the verge of passing out. The Elders express concern with Shi-Woon travelling home and invite him to stay the night there. Shi-Woon says that he needs to go home to keep his mom from worrying. Jang-Il Jeong bids him farewell and says that they will be increasing their pace the next day. After Shi-Woon's car pulls away the Elders discuss his skills. Elder Jeong confirms that Shi-Woon tries hard but has no Martial Arts skills and that he has beaten him so badly that he will not even be able to get up in the morning.

Shi-Woon and Jin-Ie Kwon are in their car being driven home and Jin-Ie reflects on their situation. She believes that things are a mess and that they Elders would surely never teach Shi-Woon martial arts. She also says that him fighting against a Murim-In is foolish in the first place. Shi-Woon wakes for a moment and is concerned that he has not contacted Ji-Gun Yoo. Jin-Ie says that she will call him tomorrow and that Shi-Woon should not worry. He then falls back asleep and his head rests slightly on Jin-Ie's leg. 

She carries him upstairs to his room and sets him on his bed, but trips as she goes to drop him and falls on top.  She stays there for a time and thinks that even if Shi-Woon is a little stupid he's got a cute side as well. She reaches out towards Shi-Woon's face but is stopped from doing anything further by her phone ringing. Deeply embarrassed, she answers and responds nonsensically to Gyu-Bum Yi's questions. She hangs up and wonders why he had to call at that moment. Blushing, she wishes Shi-Woon a good night even if he won't be able to get up in the morning and walks out. As she leaves she sees a picture of Shi-Woon and his mother and seems touched. Shi-Woon regains a bit of conciousness and thanks her. She responds with anger and storms out.

Back in her apartment she comments that she will be able to sleep in as late as she wants in the morning.

The next day someone is running through the mountains. It is revealed to be Shi-Woon when he stops by Jin-Ie's apartment to wake her up. She is thoroughly surprised and answers the door still dressed in her sleep clothes with her hair messed up. 

At Elder Jeong's house he too is surprised and caught in his sleep clothes complete with a sleep cap and pillow. Elder Jeong is mad with disbelief and shakes Shi-Woon asking if he is in any pain. Shi-Woon comments that he too is impressed at his recovery. Later he and Jin-Ie are in his kitchen and both say that they have no idea how he recovered so quickly. Elder Jeong explains that the training technique he was using, the Endless Training Regimen, is hard even for a Murim using Spirit Medicines to increase their recovery. For a normal person it should be impossible. 

Shi-Woon enters asking if they are going to continue training. Elder Jeong checks his pulse to confirm that his Ki-Center is broken. Once he is sure that Shi-Woon is still injured he sends him off to get changed into proper training clothes and resolves to beat Shi-Woon even worse today. 

Outside Jin-Ie asks Ji-Gun to confirm that they are going to have a match in 6 days. Ji-Gun agrees and talks with Sera Kang for a moment. She warns him to be careful but Ji-Gun says that the challenge excites him. 

Jin-Ie starts to think how stupid the match is and wonders how Shi-Woon recovered so fast.



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