Chapter 169
New Waves
NW Chapter 169
Release Date August 1, 2014
Cover Jae-gal's mask,
hat and stick
Pages 20
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Chapter 169 is the 169th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


Chun-Woo is confused by his returning memories and Jung Chan appears as his guide. Jae-gal heads to where Shi-Woon's group is pretending to want to help while SUC members are hiding in the forest. The Police Chief calls out to him for help revealing that he is the boss and has ties with the Heavenly way school. Jae-gal kills him and proceeds to mock Shi-Woon for his threats on the phone.[1]


Julia listening the name Shi-Woon Yi from Chun-Woo Han, asks who that is and Chun-Woo attempts to respond. This causes Chun-Woo Han's headache to suddenly worsen, and his allies panic from their concern towards him.

So Jung Chan walks in the room along side Ha-ru and a few S.U.C. members, while asking what is going on. Chun-Woo Han asks him were Jae-gal is. So Jung Chan informs him that Jae-gal had some business to attend to and he'll be his guide from there on. Sophia then advises Chun-Woo Han to focus on the mission for now, not other things. Hearing that, Chun-Woo Han asks So Jung Chan to lead the way, which makes So Jung Chan feel delighted. As they proceed to walk Sophia thinks that it is fortunate that their well able to distract Chun-Woo from the topic about Shi-Woon and wonders what happened with Jae-gal.

As he leads the way for Chun-Woo and his allies, So Jung Chan remembers his talk with Jae-gal. About Shi-Woon being alive and Jae-gal's preparation to head out himself to solve the problem while he asks for the assistance of So Jung Chan's minions. Although, So Jung Chan commented on the excessive measures taken for "just one brat", Jae-gal describes him as having "something akin to a natural disaster hanging around him". Thinking back to this conversation So Jung Chan wonders if the reference to "natural disaster" is meant for the "old man" by Shi-Woon's side, meaning Jae-Kyu Kwon.

On Shi-Woon's side, he with Jae-Kyu Kwon and Jung Lae Won are still in the car crash site, while Jae-Kyu Kwon notices something and looks around. After Jung Lae Won asks if he saw anything there, a masked Jae-gal makes his appearance commenting on how unexpected it was to see "someone like him" there. He compliments them for making so far and offers to be their guide for the rest of the way. Jung Lae Won is surprised, but a composed Shi-Woon questions his intentions for claiming to be their guide while wearing a disguise. Jae-gal explains that he has secrets and Shi-Woon concludes that they will talk when he sees his face. Then proceeds to command Jae-Kyu Kwon to take off Jae-gal's mask to which Jae-Kyu Kwon respectfully obliges. As he proceeds to attack, with Jae-gal's effort to calm him being in vain, Jung Lae Won asks if that isn't reckless and suggests that they should first listen to what he has to say. Shi-Woon responds by asking if he has't felt it yet, referring to the murderous auro of the S.U.C. members coming from the forest. This proves that "that man" was there only to prevent them for going any farther, and seems like he is capable to do just that with his strength.

As the first clash between Jae-gal and Jae-Kyu Kwon concludes Shi-Woon suggests that he starts talking now. Jae-gal seems confused but when he starts speaking he realizes that the lower part of his mask was taken and his voice is no longer altered. He wonders, how it happened, when Shi-Woon gets back on topic by recognizing his voice from the phone-call before. Jae-gal tries to deny it but the Murim Police Chief notices him and calls out for his help. Jae-gal pretends to not know him but the chief tries to threaten him by revealing he is connected to the Heavenly Way School and that he would be in trouble if the school knew about this. Jae-gal comments on the difficult situation the Chief is causing and starts to walk towards him. Jung Lae Won attempts to stop him but Jae-Kyu Kwon prevents him from getting close by stating that Jae-gal is dangerous. The Chief asks Jae-gal to undo the pressure point paralysis done to him and then he will free himself. Jae-gal states that he dislikes people with loud mouth and executes an attack. The Chief wonders what happened, Jung Lae Won seems to wonder as well and Jae-Kyu Kwon and Shi-Woo look surprised as though they saw something. As Jae-gal walks away from the car, it is split in half along with the Chief himself.

Shi-Woon calls out to Jae-Kyu Kwon and he confirms that, as he suspected, Jae-gal was hiding his skills. Jae-gal turns to them and states that the "scheming bastard" [1], as Shi-Woon called him on the phone has come and asks Shi-Woon what did he say he would do.



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