Chapter 15
New Waves
NW Chapter 015
Release Date February 2, 2011
Volume 2
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 16
Chapter 14
Chapter 16

Chapter 15 is the 15th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.


Jinie remembers her mother's death


This chapter opens with Elder Jeong explaining to Shi-Woon the three steps of their training routine: Stamina, Physical Strength, and Full-Contact Sparring. He is having trouble speaking to Shi-Woon and using formal language so Shi-Woon asks him to talk to him informally as a teacher would to his student. Elder Jeong then tells Shi-Woon to attack and beings to viciously beat him.

Above them in an enclosed hallway the other elders are discussing the training and Elder Kim reflects that Elder Jeong must be trying to finish off Shi-Woon in one day. Elder Min asks Elder Kwon if he will keep watching. Elder Kwon says no and walks away. While he goes he and Jin-Ie lock eyes and Jin-Ie flashes back to her life with her mother in New York.

Jin-Ie and her mother discuss their extended family and how her mother does not have a mom or dad. Jin-Ie's mother asks if she is sad that she does not have a Grandpa but Jin-Ie says that having her mother is enough. Jin-Ie's mother recriprocates saying that Jin-Ie is enough family for her as well.

There is another flashback and Jin-Ie is told by a police man that her mother has died. They try to take her away from her house to foster care but she resists saying that this is her and mother's home.

Later Jin-Ie seems to still be staying in her home sleeping on a pillow when a shadow falls over her. The shadow reaches out and rubs her head commenting that she has read hair, taking after her father. It is revealed that they Shadow is her Grandfather.

The scene cuts back to Shi-Woon "training" and she comments that "Idiots have it best . . . 'Cus they don't have any worries."



Debut Regular Flashback Mentioned
  • Hae-jin Kwon
  • Jinie's father


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Locations Techniques Items
  • Sun Woo Headquarters
  • USA


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