Chapter 14
New Waves
NW Chapter 014
Release Date January 21, 2011
Volume 2
Cover City View
Pages 22
Chapter 13
Chapter 15

Chapter 14 is the 14th chapter of of The Breaker New Waves series.



This chapter opens on the Sun-Woo Clan's headquarters.  Inside the four elders are meeting to discuss the acceptance of Shi-Woon Yi as their new Gaju (Clan Head). Elder Jang-Il expresses displeasure at Shi-Woon taking so long to accept their help and Elder Kwon explains that it is due to Shi-Woon being attacked by an enemy.  The other Elders say that it is time to prepare to properly welcome their new Gaju but Elder Jang-Il believes that it is disgraceful for him to act out of fear. Elder Kim begins to talk about the current situation of the Sun-Woo Clan. Even though they are free from the Martial Arts Alliance they are still being looked down on by other factions in the Murim. If they were to suddenly have a new Gaju he or she would be in great danger of attack. Elder Kwon proposes that they keep their Gaju a secret to keep him safe. Ultimately they decide to leave it in the hands of that person.

Shi-Woon and Jin-Ie are riding in a Sun-Woo car and Shi-Woon looks defeated.  When Jin-Ie talks to him he ignores her and she assumes that he is depressed from his beating. She is believes that he is pathetic for losing his spirit. They reach the Sun-Woo building and are greeted by the Elders with Jang-Il still unhappy to be taking in such a weak spirited person.  Shi-Woon then reveals that he did not come to become the Gaju, but to ask them to teach him martial arts that he can use even with his condition. Jin-Ie is surprised and Elder Kwon attempts to placate him but Shi-Woon insists that he needs to being training now. To the surprize of everyone he reveals that in a week he intends to fight Ji-Gun Yoo

Later Shi-Woon and Jin-Ie are in a room resting and Jin-Ie begins to berate Shi-Woon over his decision.  She asks what changed his mind about becoming a Murim again and Shi-Woon states that he has not changed his mind.  He says that he is acting because innocents have been involved. Jin-Ie seems more upset and acuses him of acting becasue he has feelings for Sae-Hee.  Shi-Woon explains that he used to be a nobody that was beat and mistreated, but becasue of Sae-Hee and Sunsengnim he was able change. No matter what he does he could never repay them.  Ji-Gun threatened Sae-Hee and accused him of mistreating his teachers name and he wasn't able to fight against him. He is enraged and his fists begin to shake.  Jin-Ie realises that Shi-Woon has not been struck with fear this whole time, but frustration at being unable to defend his loved ones. Jin-Ie suggests simply using the Sun-Woo in place of his own strength but Shi-Woon dismisses that saying that it would be the same as hiding and no matter how much more skilled the opponent is he will fight. He hates being crippled more then the thought of dying. 

Jin-Ie sees his eyes and flashes back to seeing Shi-Woon in the hospital after the Koa Tower incident and Gyu-Bum Yi explaining his Goomoonryong Level Spirit. She realizes that what he said was true and that Shi-Woon's Spirit is that great.  

In another room the Elders are discussing the situation. Elder Min says the Shi-Woon is more reckless than he had expected and Elder Jang-Il says that it is not recklessness but craziness. Reguardless they agree that if their new Gaju is killed it will be a mojor blow to the Sun-Woo. Elder Jang-Il suggests finding his opponent and killing him without a trace.  Elder Kwon says that this is unacceptabe as it would give the other Murim who already fear the Sun-Woo a reason to unite against them.  He says that becasue their power is still only at a third of its true strength and they would be unable to repel such an attack.  Elder Kim then returns the conversation to Shi-Woon's sudden demand to learn martial arts. Even if his Ki center were recovering it would be a real problem.  Elder Jang-Il points out how ridiculous the thought of a Ki center recovering is and Elder Kim then states that there should be no problem and they hatch a plan.

Later all of them meet again and Elder Kwon explains that only a member of the Sun-Woo can be let in on the secrets of the Sun-Woo Clan's martial arts. Shi-Woon agrees to be the Gaju in return for training and the Elders assign Elder Jang-Il to teach him.  Elder Jang-Il hurries Shi-Woon off to being training as their time is short. 

Alone now Jin-Ie asks Elder Kwon if they are truly going to teach Shi-Woon martial arts. Elder Kwon responds agressivly telling Jin-Ie to mind her own bussiness and that she is a dissapointment like her mother.  He then walks away and Jin-Ie is left along with her misery.



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