Chapter 146
New Waves
NW Chapter 146
Release Date January 31, 2014
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 18
Chapter 145
Chapter 147

Chapter 146 is the 146th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Elder Kwon and Chun-Woo Han glare at each other while the minions of the Nine Arts Dragon wonder who is the elder. Jin-Ie Kwon asks if her grandfather is in danger and if they should be just watching. Elder Min tells her that the situation is awkward but it would be better if the Nine Arts Dragon attacked first.

Shi-Woon Yi steps in and asks Elder Kwon to let him finish his conversation with his master and, although he tries to express his concern he respectfully obeys Shi-Woon's request much to Chun-Woo's surprise. As Shi-Woon tries to continue his conversation with Chun-Woo, he walks away. Seeing tha Shi-Woon warns Chun-Woo about the police surrounding the area to which Chun-Woo responds by threatening to kill him and Elder Kwon if he followed him, much to Shi-Woon's surprise.

While the Nine Arts Dragon and his minions leave Jin-Ie asks why would they allow them to leave just like that. Elder Min tells her that they are not their enemies as they are the ones who took Jang So-Sul in order to heal her and their current clan head was given authority from her, the real clan head. And considering this they have no reason to fight them unless they started the fight. He doubts, however, that Shi-Woon, their current head, will let it go.

Kang-Sung shows respectful gratitude to the Sun-Woo Clan for coming to help. Shi-Woon approaches him to ask for a favor.

While Chun-Woo and his team are leaving, two of the members on Chun-Woo's actions their since he has never never left from a fight before. Chun-Woo thinks of Shi-Woon calling him master and closes his eyes, but when he opens them he has a look of irritation. Chun-Woo and his group stop outside the entrance after seeing the wall of police members surrounding the building.

Jung Lae Won wonders why does Chun-Woo look fine as the sounds from earlier indicate that their was a serious fight. Jung receives a call from Kang-Sung who asks him to withdraw the police as the situation is a Murim matter. However, Jung state that he can't do that as the situation has escalated beyond a simple clean up and it would be awkward to withdraw after there have been casualties. When Kang-Sung warns him that this will cause even bigger trouble Jung assures him that he has come prepared before hanging up the phone. Upon hanging up Jung is revealed to believe that Chun-Woo was told by Shi-Woon of the situation and got afraid which led him to make a deal with Kang-Sung to leave in exchange for the withdrawal of the police. This makes him more willing to not leave this chance go. When the officer next to him asks for instructions, Jung grabs the loudspeaker and warns Chun-Woo and his team that they are surrounded thus they should surrender and do as told.

While the warning is given one of Chun-Woo's team members asks him what they should do. Chun-Woo starts walking down the stares explaining that he has been having this murderous feeling for sometime and wonders whether killing Jung Lae Won will make this feeling go away.



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