Chapter 145
New Waves
NW Chapter 145
Release Date January 24, 2014
Cover Chun-Woo Han
Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 18
Chapter 144
Chapter 146

Chapter 145 is the 145th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



The police members notice that the previous explosion-like noises stopped and wonder whether "they", meaning the Sun-Woo Clan's group, will be alright. Jung Lae Won argues that since they are civilians he cannot just shoot them to stop them from getting in. Jung Lae Won remembers the glare of Jae-Kyu Kwon commenting on the killing intent he felt complaining that even as one of the Ten Grand Masters he shouldn't threaten him like that. However, he believes that there is nothing they can do to stop Chun-Woo Han anyway.

Shi-Woon Yi enters the Martial Arts Alliance building surprising everyone. He tries to talk to his master, Chun-Woo Han, only to find out that he has no interest in talking to him at all and, instead tells him that if he interrupts his fight, calls him master or takes another step he will kill him. Shi-Woon states that even if he dies he is his master and takes another step which surprises and angers Chun-Woo.

However before Chun-Woo can do anything more the Elders of the Sun-Woo Clan along with Jin-Ie Kwon enter the building. Elder Kwon tells the Nine Arts Dragon that even if Shi-Woon has been his disciple he is the head of the Sun-Woo Clan now, thus he will not allow any more disrespectful behavior. All Alliance members immediately recognize the Sun-Woo Clan members and wonder if they came to help while the Chun-Woo's group wonders about their identity.

Chun-Woo looks at Shi-Woon and the Elders behind him and shouts to Sophia to wrap things up, interrupting Shi-Woon who tried to tell him about all the things that happened while he was gone. Sophia asks about this sudden decision to which Chun-Woo states that he lost his interest and tell his minions that they are leaving while complementing Kang-Sung's luck. Shi-Woon once again tries to speak to Chun-Woo about what happened but Chun-Woo attacks him stating that he said he would kill him if he called him "master" again.

The attacked is blocked by Elder Kwon who tells Nine Arts Dragon that he will not tolerate this disrespectful behavior any longer and sends him flying away much to everyone's surprise. The Elder tells the Nine Arts Dragon once again about the position of Shi-Woon as Ganju and states that if Chun-Woo intends on being disrespectful even after understanding Shi-Woon's position, then his life will end. The chapter end with both the Nine Arts Dragon and the Elder making an angry glare at each other.



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