Chapter 13
New Waves
NW Chapter 013
Release Date January 14, 2011
Volume 2
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 21
Chapter 12
Chapter 14

Chapter 13 is the 13th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Jin-Ie Kwon struggles fighting Ji-Gun Yoo, because her fighting sense tells her, he is superior. When Ji-Gun is about to leave, confident that he threatened them enough, he gets warned by Shi-Woon Yi, who got not that frightened as Ji-Gun believed him to become. Asked about the consequences of going against that threat Shi-Woon replies, he would fight, even if that would mean risking his own live. At this point Ji-Gun strikes him down, leaving no visible damage. As Shi-Woon turned against him, he dodged and struck him against his forehead. Jin-Ie interferes but he dodges again, stating he would leave now, but Shi-Woon would still suffer for about ten minutes. He struck Shi-Woon's Hyul, upsetting the nerves and muscles, with the strike against Shi-Woon's forehead. Shi-Woon asked again by Jin-Ie then accepts calling the Sun-Woo clan. After Jin-Ie returns from her call, she sees him still shivering.



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