Chapter 131
New Waves
NW Chapter 131
Release Date October 4, 2013
Cover City View
Pages 22
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Chapter 132

Chapter 131 is the 131st chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



After the events of the past chapters pertaining to the goverment controlled island and Shi-Woon's captivity on it; chapter 131 opens to the scenes of a buzzing city full of activity and skyscrapers.

The initial pages follow So-Chun Hyuk & Jang Joonho as they are on their way to meet Sera Kang to question her as to if she is familiar with Shi-woon Yi and to confirm what they have heard in the Murim world. After words are exchanged and So-Chun Hyuk finally asks if Shi-woon is alive, the chapter shifts focus.

After Jung Lae Won's failure in the eyes of his superiors in the previous chapter, himself & Lee Kim-soon are then thrust into attention and are detailed to be on trivial miscellaneous tasks for their organisation. Jung Lae Won highlights that numerous items have gone missing from the area he was sent to search, when next he is made aware of an image of the Nine Arts Dragon.

Snapping back to the view of So-Chun Hyuk & Jang Joonho who are now in the headquarters of the Sun-Woo Clan and on-route to hopefully meet with Shi-Woon. As they cross the courtyard of the building they are greeted by Ha-Ill Gang, who formally introduces himself before leading them on to meet the Gaju who is pleased with So-Chun Hyuk's visit.

As Ha-Ill Gang details the 'unreal' nature of So-Chun Hyuk's movements, a flashback to Sera Kang & Ha-Ill Gang earlier conversation as to how the meeting of the Gaju & So-Chun Hyuk's would hopefully be an overture for the between the Murim and Sun-Woo Clan.

Finally So-Chun Hyuk & Jang Joonho have been escorted to Shi-Woon's room and are met with a motionless Gaju upright in his bed. As he enters, So-Chun Hyuk is hit by the extreme emotions Shi-Woon has left on him, the chaotic memories of how he would not submit. Flustered, he is met with a new man before him, more prominent in presence and physically looming. When So-Chun Hyuk asks if Shi-Woon remembers him, his is met with a reply of "So-Chun Hyuk from ChundoMoon... Of course I remember, we've fought all this time." Indicating Shi-Woon has been entering the familiar state of Hyun Hwan Shim Yun Gong since leaving the island in an attempt to further his training.

The chapter ends with the Gaju of the Sun-Woo Clan challenging So-Chun Hyuk to a fight.



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