Chapter 11
New Waves
NW Chapter 011
Release Date January 2, 2011
Volume 2
Cover Sera Kang
Pages 20
Chapter 10
Chapter 12

Chapter 11 is the 11th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



The chapter starts with Sera Kang discussing with Ji-Gun Yoo the purpose of giving Shi-Woon Yi a week's time to find Chun-Woo Han. It's not about fighting Chun-Woo, but to be sure, that all of Shi-Woon's helpers are known.

At the morning Jin-Ie Kwon is waiting for Shi-Woon who is doing his daily running routine. Shi-Woon tells her, he might go ask for help from the Martial Arts Alliance to which Jin-Ie replies, that he is crazy about dieing again. She already called Gyu-Bum Yi and as he arrives, she is frustrated that Shi-Woon stubbornly refuses to request help from the Sun-Woo Clan.

He tells her, disciplining himself and not wanting to be a Murim don't contradict each other. He is doing both for his master's sake, whom he swore to discipline himself each day and who he is obeying by not coming back into the Murim.

Upon seeing a completely frustrated Jin-Ie who is worried about Shi-Woon, Gyu-Bum decides to give them both a ride to school. While driving they explain the situation to Gyu-Bum, who is surprised to hear Ji-Gun was their opponent. Apparently Ji-Gun is a master swordsman, who can use even a finger as his sword.

In the mean time Ji-Gun meets Sae-Hee at the front gate.



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