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Chapter 118
New Waves
NW Chapter 118
Release Date May 24, 2013
Cover Ju Sang-Sik
Pages 20
Chapter 117
Chapter 119

Chapter 118 is the 118th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



The chapter starts off with Shi-Woon Yi still fighting the Murim Special Ops. Ju Sang-Sik and Jung Lae Won observing him from a hill, suddenly Jung Lae Won receives a call from his radio that the Sun-Woo clan helicopter will be arriving at the island soon. A scene is shown of Sera Kang, Jin-Ie Kwon, and the Elders of the Sun-Woo Clan in helicopter heading for the island. Ju Sang-Sik is left with no choice, but to enter the fight to end it before Sun-Woo clan. Shi-Woon Yi in turn requested a formal duel with Ju Sang-Sik, which he accepts stating that no one has requested to fight him in the past thirty years.



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