Chapter 117
New Waves
NW Chapter 117
Release Date May 17, 2013
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 17
Chapter 116
Chapter 118

Chapter 117 is the 117th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Shi-Woon tries to catch his breath he wonders why he is starting to feel dizzy all of a sudden. He wonders if the needle is causing the pain he feels. He tries to grab it, but falls to the ground. Ju Jang Sik laughs and asks Shi-Woon if he is trying to take the needle out. He then says if he touches the needle his nerves would go crazy. Everyone has previously lost consciousness before taking it out.

Ju Sang sees splashes of blood he begins to wonder. His assistant suggests Shi-Woon is struggling to regain his losing consciousness. Ju Sang then pulls out a needle believing it is ridiculous to someone who have their consciousness intact.

As Jung Lae Won notices the blood isn't dried, he tells Ju Sang he'll gather some goons. Ju Sang begins to laugh asking if his needle is potent enough. He then claims he wants Shi-Woon more and more. He then tells Jung Lae Won he bring every document realted to Shi-Woon.

Several Special opes agents quarrel with each other about finding Shi-Woon. Jung Lae Won tells them to find him whatever the cost.

Jung Lae Won then told the forces he has requested are arriving soon. He then asks Ju Sang Sik if he is coming along, their ultimate weapon has arrived.

The Helicopter team then report that they have found Shi-Woon, and shine their light on Shi-Woon.

Believing that he'll see their power Jung Lae orders for him to be tied up. Ju Jang Sik then questions Jung Wae about the helicopter. Jung Lae tells him looking at his will power he should be gone by now. Ju Jung calls him rotten for causing so mess just to catch a kid, while he is enjoying it. One of Jung Sangs assistants tells him whatever is happening they must hurry and catch the kid before the sun-woo clan arrives. Ju Sang says if he saw his document earlier he wouldn't of gotten involed with the current situation. Jung Lae tells him by the time they arrive it will be all over, and with all their troops what chance would he have. Ju Sang tells him he better be right. Helicopter team then asks to hurry up and come their location quickly, they then ask what are they fighting. As Jung Lae and Ju Sang arrive, Ju Sang then refers Shi-Woon crazier than the Nine Arts Dragon himself.



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  • Chun-Woo Han


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