Chapter 116
New Waves
NW Chapter 116
Release Date May 09, 2013
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Sera Kang
Pages 20
Chapter 115
Chapter 117

Chapter 116 is the 116th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Jin-Ie Kwon bursts into the room where the four clan elders and Ha-Ill Gang are, after learning about Shi-Woon Yi. She asks why everybody is so moody since Shi-Woon has made contact. Ha-Ill then insists she be quiet. Elder Kwon then questions Ha-Ill why he never kept the information of of Shi-Woon's contact a secret. He then confirms to Jin-Ie that they were contacted by Shi-Woon and traced his call back but the have a problem.

As Shi-Woon goes to strike Jung Lae Won, he believes that Shi-Woon attacks him only to prevent him from using the technique. Before Shi-Woon can strike him. Jung Lae attacks him with the Locked Gate Soul Cutter. As Shi-Woon noticed he had been cut by his attack, he goes to strike him with the other hand and his is once again hit with the Locked Gate Soul Cutter. However he proceeds to attack again provoking Jung Lae Won. Ju Sang-Sik intervenes and effortlessly stops both individuals.

In the Sun-Woo Clan Jin-Ie asks Sera Kang, on the phone, to help them track a location because it is a government secret, without letting her know about Shi-Woon but Sera realizes it and accepts to help them if they take her along. While Jin-Ie argues that Sera knew everything and tries to lead them on, Elder Kwon takes the phone from Jin-Ie and asks if it is a coincidence that Shi-Woon contacted them right after Sera did. Sera states that she does not believe in coincidences or miracles but there are many things about Shi-Woon that she cannot comprehend.

Back in Shi-Woon's side, Ju Sang-Sik overjoys after finding Shi-Woon and Shi-Woon starts to back way, realizing that he is dangerous and of his league. As Ju Sang tells him to stop running away, he reaches into his inside coat pocket, and throws towards Shi-Woon one of his Lifeblood Silver Needles. Ad he collapses onto the ground, he realizes a pain brewing in his back. As he turns around, he see's a small needle stuck in his back and Sang-Sik complements him on being able to stay conscious after taking three of those needles. He informs him that trying to take out that needle would cause him great pain and to not try getting up because he won't be able to. Shi-Woon attacks him before he completes his phrase and starts running again.

Jung Lae Won shouts for Shi-Woon to stop as he runs off. Ju Sang then asks him stop and tells him to look at his hands. Confused by his words his looks down at his hands, which are broken. Sang-Sik repairs his fingers and tells him Shi-Woon was content on smashing his fingers. Jung Lae then thinks over his battle with Shi-Woon, and the tactics he used during the battle. He then wonders what he is.



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