Chapter 115
New Waves
NW Chapter 115
Release Date May 3, 2013
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 20
Chapter 114
Chapter 116

Chapter 115 is the 115th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Shi-Woon approaches Jung Lae, he believes his comparison between Shi-Woon and Goomoonryong is absurd. Shi-Woon then goes to strike Jung Lae. Jung Lae is able to escape the incoming attack. He thinks over what could have happened to him. Shi-Woon appears before him,, and goes to strike him. Jung Lae is forced to block the attack, which pushes him back. As he wonders how he is so fast, Shi-Woon attempts to attack him with a leg strike. Jung Lae escapes the attack, treating backwards, and notices he is using a seismic step attack. Unsure he is real, he begins to wonder if he is really using Goomoonryong martial arts, unable to believe it, he assumes there couldn't off been a time where he learn t it. Shi-Woon questions Jung Lae, asking if he going to continue to run away, and isn't he curious the Sun-Woo Clan's Power. Jung Lae jumps towards him, while Shi-Woon prepares to strike him, Jung Lae believes he feel for his tactic. As Shi-Woon prepares to strike him, Jung Lae, crosses him in preparation for his attack. As he attacks his arm, he claims he is taking it. Jung Lae compliments him due to his amazing reflects as he was able to pull his fist back in time, in the current situation. Shi-Woon looks down on his arm, to notice he scratched all over his arm. Jung Lae tells him the technique is called "Gate Soul Cutter", a unique technique that few have ever seen. A restraining art based on overwhelming and twisting the opponents attack and taking that to extremes, to create the ultimate amputation art. After seeing the attack he can now forget about returning with all of his limbs intact to the Sun-Woo Clan. He proceeds to ask him where he would like to be cut. So-Chun Hyuk asks Jae-gal if he really dead. Jae-gal unsure about his question, So-Chun telling him he is talking about Shi-Woon Yi, Head of Sun-Woo Clan. Jae-gal replies by telling him, no one knows and it's not that important of a matter, so he's not to. So-Chun Hyuk interrupts him explaining, the Sun-Woo Clan can alter the power spectrum of the entire murim. He then asks him are matters to their clan's head is unimportant. Jae-gal humbles replies they are quite important. Jae-gal then questions him asking him if he believes he is nothing more than a puppet. So-Chun responds by asking him if he is trivial. Jae-gal questions him since he is unsure. So-Chun explains there are two kinds of super humans in the world, the first who exceed the boundaries of human ability's. The Second which are scarier than the first are the ones who surpass instincts of mankind. Jae-gal questions the surpassing of instincts. So-Chun tells him he was fought with Shi-Woon before. Back then he was prepared to die, when facing him. Jae-gal replies to fight to the death is ultimately to abandon yourself to stronger opponent, as the weak isn't it. So-Chun tells him he can appreciate that, because when he faced Goomoonryong he felt the exact same way with an instinctive of fear. However Shi-Woon was different. He didn't feel any fear, nor did he abandon himself in defeat. Rather than him being afraid, So-Chun himself was afraid instead. So-Chun asks Jae-gal if it makes sense to him, that he'd feel terror from an opponent weaker than himself. Shocked at his words Jae-gal becomes speechless before the words to reply. He tells him from his prospective he can't even. So-Chun tells him he stills thinks about him from time to time. He often wonders what he would of become if he hadn't lost his Martial Arts. Shi-Woon goes to strike Jung Lae, but he evades the attack. Then wonders what's with him. Backing way he also wonders why he isn't even afraid, after he displayed his technique earlier. As he believes he hasn't changed. He then believes it feels like he has gotten more powerful than before.



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