Chapter 114
New Waves
NW Chapter 114
Release Date April 25, 2013
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 20
Chapter 113
Chapter 115

Chapter 114 is the 114th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Jae-Kyu Kwon asks how he is, Shi-Woon Yi tells him that he is fine, but more importantly he needs him to come and get him, as he is being pursued. Elder Kwon asks him about his location. Shi-Woon replies, he doesn't know. As Elder asks him to stay on the line, so they can track his location, the call is cut off.

Jung Lae Won is told that all outgoing phone calls have been blocked. He then asks to use the phone to track his location. He also claims that he underestimated him due to having a broken Ki Centre. One of the agents questions who he is. Jung Lae tells him he is the head of the Sun-Woo Clan. The agent then questions about the possibility of the Sun-Woo Clan showing up. Jung Lae, tells him they wouldn't find their location so easy, and even if they did, Shi-Woon would be captured beforehand.

Elder Kwon tries to contact Shi-Woon but is unable to get through, and then he asks someone to track the location of his last call. As Elder Kim asks if tt is a smart move, since their opponent is the government, Elder Kwon replies that their Ganju has contacted them because he trusts him.

As Shi-Woon tries to call again he notices that it doesn't work. He then notices a group of agents approach his location. The plan was to surround him and capture him on the count of 5, but when they do they notice Shi-Woon isn't there. They all then head in different directions to find him. Shi-Woon realizes they are tracking him using the phone. He comments that he can't fight them upfront since they have guns and something strange is happening with his body. He then plans to wait quietly until the Sun-Woo Clan arrives since he made contact. As Jung Lae walks past Shi-Woon's location Shi-Woon plans to keep on moving. When he starts to move Jung Lae asks him where he is going showing that he cannot escape him. Shi-Woon then starts to panic. Jung Lae tells if he wanted to be called the Sun-Woo Ganju, the title does not seem worthy for someone who is running away like a street rat. Shi-Woon tells him he can make much fun of him as he wants, but he won't let anyone bad mouth the Sun-Woo Clan and charges towards him. Jung Lae then twists around to strike him. As Jung Lae believes he did strike Shi-Woon, he recieves a kick to his ribs by him. As he is sent backwards, Jung Lae questions what just happened and how he was hit. Unable to work out how he's done it, he feels a sense of dejavu. Shi-Woon then challenges him to come out and he will show him the power of the Sun-Woo clan. Jung Lae then remembers his current feeling and realizes it is the same as when he first met the Nine Arts Dragon.



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