Chapter 113
New Waves
NW Chapter 113
Release Date April 19, 2013
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 20
Chapter 112
Chapter 114

Chapter 113 is the 113th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Shi-Woon continues to run, he remembers his fight the Murium Special Agents. As he reaches a cliff facing the ocean he believes to have gone in the wrong direction. When voice tells him to stop, a sniper team appears and attempts to make contact with Hq. Shi-Woon begins to attack them, taking them out. When he see's a gun on the floor, he remembers the time, Chun-Woo Han witnessed Shi-Ho Lee's assassination. When he realizes snipers are after him, he remembers Hyuntae's words about dodging bullets. As he remembers members of the Sun-Woo clan, he reminds himself to stay strong as he is Ganju of the Sun-Woo clan. As Jung Lae communicates with the various special oops squads, trying to find out Shi-Woon's location. One team reports of his location. Jung Lae begins to laugh believing Shi-Woon can escape by following the coast line. Jae-Kyu questions the report of the an Island not showing up on any maps. The report is finished by informing the Sun-Woo Clan Elders their is at least 10 such centers through out the country. Elder Kim advises if they attack the wrong center the state of the clan would be at state. As Murim specials agents discuss Shi-Woon's power. Jung Lae arrives at "The Ridge" and questions the agents about Shi-Woon arriving. After he finds out Shi-Woon has failed to arrive, to attempts to connect "Turtle Rock". Another Team responds to his call, after lettering them about not wanting them. "Rabbit Rock" inform him "Turtle Rock" was taken out, and a witness has arrived and confirmed it. Jung Lae depends to speak to him. The witness tells him they was defeated, and after waking, up their comms and guns were missing. Jung Lae trys to configure Shi-Woons movements, and starts to come to a conclusion.  As Elder Kim mentions it is a embarrassing they couldn't do anything in the current in the situation. Elder Kwon's phone starts to ring, as he answers it, he is shocked to hear Shi-Woon is on the other side. Jung Lae questions one of his men asking why he gave away his phone. He explains their was nothing he could do, as he has took down all the agents inside the facility.



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