Chapter 112
New Waves
NW Chapter 112
Release Date April 12, 2013
Cover Sera Kang
Pages 20
Chapter 111
Chapter 113

Chapter 112 is the 112th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon Yi looks on with shock unable to believe the attack he just performed, as he realizes his body reacted automatically. He remembers when he was hit by Ryuji during their fight. As Special Forces Leader tells his men to spread out, they start to surround him. As the Special Forces prepare to get Shi-Woon, he goes and faces them head on. He goes to fight a Special Force Agent in front of him, while another one prepares to get Shi-Woon from the back. The team leader looks surprised thinking that Shi-Woon did not notice that the agents coming from the front were a feint. When the agent grabs Shi-Woon from behind, it turns out to be a illusion. Shi-Woon gets behind him and strikes him, sending him flying forward towards his fellow colleagues. Two Special Force Agents prepare to face Shi-Woon and he attacks punching one of them. Other Special Force Agents start to surround him.

Jung Lae Won tries to contact Special Force Agents, but fails to get a response. As an old man arrives before him, he asks were is the patient, demanding from everyone to find him.

Sera Kang is speaking with the Sun-Woo Clan, and tells them "He's to much for me to handle" referring to the mysterious old man. Min Sa-Oak asks if Shi-Woon could be in the same place as that man, to which Sera replies:"yes". Kim Sul-Joong questions her about knowing the actually location and Sera explains that location is national top secret. Jae-Kyu Kwon speaks out telling everyone if there is any location of Shi-Woon he will search for him. However if the opponent is that man, they couldn't move on a whim. He wouldn't hesitate if the clan was in a good position. However, if they were to take on that man, they would be preparing for the clan's destruction. Sera apologizes for not thinking it though and asks them to consider it. After she turn off the connection the Elders praise her for founding out all of the information, but seems to realize that the hard work is left to them. Elder Kwon comments on how it is better to have her as an ally and then asks to for the preparation of the helicopters and to find that man's whereabouts. As he will fight for Shi-Woon since Elder Jeong gave his life for him. Even if their opponent is one of murim's top ten "Ghostly Doctor" Ju Sang-Sik.

As Ju Sang insults Jung Lae, he tells him he took the reference to the "Overhaul Rebirth" as a joke and he finds it amusing while Ju Sang asks if he is going to continue twisting his words and strike Jung Lae on the forehead with an unknown technique. Jung Lae then grabs hold of his face, as he begins to feel a unknown pain. Ju Sang sets of to find Shi-Woon by himself. Ju Sang's assistant begins to explain about "Hwan Gol Tal Tae" to Jung Lae. Through out the explaination Jung Lae receives a radio message from Special Force Agents Team Leader. Jung Lae aks him why did he cut off communication and if he captured Shi-Woon. As he accuses him of drinking to much booze, he responds by telling him. If what he saw wasn't a dream. As he refers to Shi-Woon as a monster , the Special Force Agents are seen defeated.



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