Chapter 111
New Waves
NW Chapter 111
Release Date April 5, 2013
Cover Special Ops Agents
Pages 24
Chapter 110
Chapter 112

Chapter 111 is the 111st chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



A man is seen yawning, claiming it is boring waiting for their target to show up. The man then asks his boss why he is learning camouflage techniques when their in the 21st century. He claims then there should be changing their training curriculum soon. The man's leader responds by telling him, he'll think about it after he improves his techniques. They then receive a transmission informing them the target will be arriving shortly. After the arrival of their target, they begin to hide themselves. The leader warns them despite being a child he is still a Murim-in, so don't underestimate him, and tells them to hide.

Shi-Woon is seen running through the forest, until he begins to stop, and starts to feel something in direction facing him. One of the Murim Special Oops complains he wants him to come further as he is tired of waiting and is starting to get cramps, while another member tells him to shut up. He argues that he can't possibly hear him, considering how far away he is.

Shi-Woon stands still unable to understand what's happening, and quickly starts to run away in the opposite direction. The Special Ops members proceed to chase him, as he starts to run away.

Following Shi-Woon Park hopes Shi-Woon never noticed the other Agents because of him. While his leader tells him, he will start his stealth training next vacation.

While still running away, Shi-Woon starts to wonder about his new senses. He then turns around to see Special Ops Agents drawing closer to him.

Meanwhile Sera Kang talks with Hyun Jae on the phone, about the Special Ops Agents.

When Shi-Woon reaches a cliff he is forced to stop running. Standing behind him the Special Ops Agents praise for being to shake their trail. Shi-Woon introduces himself as Ganju of the Sun-Woo Flan and demands their respect. Special Ops Agent Leader claims he will show no respect to any puppet of the alliance. Shi-Woon gets angry and starts to attack, as he gets closer to the Special Ops Agent Leader. Park intervenes and applies the Movement Restricting Technique, until Shi-Woon breaks it by striking him upwards, while members of the Special Ops look on with shock.



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