Chapter 110
New Waves
NW Chapter 110
Release Date March 22, 2013
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Jung Lae Won
Pages 24
Chapter 109
Chapter 111

Chapter 110 is the 110th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon Yi remembers the last discussion between him and Jang-Il Jeong and his last wish to leave the Sun-Woo Clan on Shi-Woon's hands.

In the meantime, the doctor talks with Jung Lae Won about Shi-Woon's unexplained case while calling him an alien. Jung Lae then asks the doctor to leave them to which the doctor comments that Shi-Woon's physical condition is not checked yet. Jung Lae explains that he will check it himself and sends the doctor outside of the room.

Jung Lae approaches Shi-Woon asking if he feels okay while Shi-Woon asks him who he is. Jung Lae introduces himself as a government agent and spokesmen between the Government and the Murim. As Jung Lae proceeds to explain what the place they are in is, saying it is a hospital, Shi-Woon asks about the Sun-Woo Clan, to which Jung Lae advises him to relax and have a talk. Then Jung Lae starts explaining how the Sun-Woo Clan is using Shi-Woon as a puppet Ganju regardless if they healed his Ki-Center because if they valued him they wouldn't have put him in such a danger. The he reassures Shi-Woon that they will protect him from now on. Then Shi-Woon turns to him saying that if he speaks as a Murim person then regardless if Shi-Woon is a kid or not he should be addressed politely as the Ganju of the Sun-Woo Clan. Then he expressed his question as to why they would help him and trust him in their clan and give their life for him, but regardless of the reason he must become a strong Ganju. As Jung Lae prepares to speak again he is interrupted by Shi-Woon and is intimidated by Shi-Woon glare while Shi-Woon repeats that Jung Lae should address him as the Ganju of the Sun-Woo Clan instead of being rude. As their eyes meet Jung Lae freezes but soon returns to his pace and now speaking politely his says that he will address him as such from now on but he shouldn't forget that whoever his is, he is in that hospital now. As Jung Lae walks away he says that he will return when Shi-Woon regains hs senses.

Shi-Woon looks out of the window and stands up walking toward it. At the same time Jung Lae reports to his Murim Police Chief that Shi-Woon has the Stockholm Syndrome towards the Sun-Woo Clan to which the Chief replies that it is better that way because they could use him easier. While listening to his Chief Jung Lae Won is worried about the glare he experienced from Shi-Woon and feels embarrassed to have been swept by it. The he listens to his Chief saying that he sent the best medical doctor for this case. As he listens Jung Lae realizes that the window in Shi-Woon's room is broken and Shi-Woon is missing. Then he says that since a skilled doctor is coming it will be needed since Shi-Woon's condition might get worse.

Shi-Woon is seen running through the forest in a good condition trying to find his way while commenting that he feels fine. Then he notices that his broken hand is also healed and breaks the cover. He thinks that since he was fine some time must have passed and understands that Jung Lae is against the Sun-Woo Clan thus he must go to the Sun-Woo Clan fast.

While trying to figure out his where about some snipers are seen targeting him while reporting the location to Jung Lae. He then tells them to capture him alive and that they can injure him a little. The doctor’s protest in such behaviour but Jung Lae responds that a person that goes 5 kilometres in 30 minutes is not considered a patient. As he walks away saying that he must discipline him the doctor’s comment on the situation being like a horror movie.

The expert doctor arrives at that moment and he angry because he realizes that the hospital is not ready for him to work and that they haven't realized what a serious situation that boy is in. Then he explains that Shi-Woon shows in his body the phenomenon known as Overhaul Rebirth which is considered a miracle.

Meanwhile Shi-Woon keeps running.



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