Chapter 10
New Waves
NW Chapter 010
Release Date December 25, 2010
Volume 2
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 19
Chapter 9
Chapter 11

Chapter 10 is the 10th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Jin-Ie Kwon runs to Shi-Woon Yi and sees that his breathing stopped. Sera Kang however unfazed by her arrival calmly stands up and moves slowly towards the stairs. Enraged by that behavior Jin-Ie attacks her, but gets thrown instead.

Admitting she is facing a master opponent Jin-Ie asks why a master would kill a person, after luring that person away. She is surprised to hear from her, that Shi-Woon is still alive.

Jin-Ie is then redeemed of making a decision what to do, since Shi-Woon indeed awakes. Shi-Woon, who is still a little scatter brained mumbles about getting killed in a week. This causes Jin-Ie to snap and get the whole story out of Shi-Woon. Shi-Woon is supposed to bring Chun-Woo Han to Sera in a weeks time, which could be considered an extended death sentence, because he doesn't know the whereabouts of his former master.



Debut Regular Flashback Mentioned
  • Han Chun-woo


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