Chapter 109
New Waves
NW Chapter 109
Release Date March 15, 2013
Cover So-Chun Hyuk
Pages 16
Chapter 108
Chapter 110

Chapter 109 is the 109th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



So-Chun Hyuk is seen practising and mastering the lost technique "Fierce Tiger Strike" of an unnamed school after changing the flow of his Ki. As the unnamed school's masters look on with shock, due to the short amount of time spent learning the technique, So-Chun tells them he has only learned the basic movements. His teachers ask him to hold off the humility and they start to talk about the rumours that surrounded him. They telling him they had wondered why the Heavenly Way School had chosen such a young disciple, but after his display they see why. So-Chun fails to respond and becomes silent. As the unnamed school's masters begin to talk about the Martial Arts Alliance, So-Chun over hears them mentioning about how the Sun-Woo Clan should help the Martial Arts Alliance, but instead they took Nine Arts Dragon's disciple as their Ganju. So-Chun proceeds to ask them about it. They explain since he was studying when the news broke in he didn't know but it has become the biggest issue within the Murim currently. As So-Chun tries to explain about his broken Ki Center, one of the unnamed school's masters tells him, he believes it is all a joke since he doesn't know martial arts but he proceeds to comment about a rumour he had heard about an explosion at the Nine Dragons High School and the death of one of their elders. So-Chun looks on with shock unable to believe what he had heard.

So Jung Chan listens to Jae-gal with shock, and proceeds to ask him is he sure of the news he had presented. As Jae-gal tries to tell him, they can't be sure they survived, and even if Shi-Woon Yi is still alive his Ki-Center is definitely destroyed, thus the Sun-Woo clan will be powerless.

Sun-Woo Clan morns the passing of their once fellow member, Jang-Il Jeong. Ha-Ill Gang arrives with news, informing the elders that all people that had been arrested from the school incident had been released, and Shi-Woon wasn't with them. Min Sa-Oak assumes he was taken to a detention facility. Kim Sul-Joong comments that nothing has changed since the days of Lady So-Sul.

Jin-Ie Kwon is arguing with Sera Kang on the phone insisting that they should do everything to find Shi-Woon while Sera requests from her to calm down.

Jung Lae Won is seen in conversation with a man about the events that unfolded at Nine Dragons High School. After finishing his phone conversation, he talks with a doctor about the condition of a special patient, who is revealed to be Shi-Woon Yi, who is sitting up in a hospital bed.



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Jang-Il Jeong


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