Chapter 108
New Waves
NW Chapter 108
Release Date March 8, 2013
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Sera Kang
Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 24
Chapter 107
Chapter 109

Chapter 108 is the 108th chapter of the The Breaker New Waves series.



As Jang-Il Jeong holds Shi-Woon members of S.U.C look with shock, as are unable to believe Jang-Il had survived the explosion. As Shi-Woon Yi starts to wake up from the Black Orgin Treshold, he trys to tell Jang-Il something he falls face first to the ground. As Ha-ru reminds Ryuji that they need to retreat. As the Sun-Woo Clan members attempt to stop them getting away. Jang-Il tells them to let the S.U.C leave, as the clans head life is more important. As Ryuji picks up Kwon-Young, he and the other S.U.C captains start to leave. As Jang-Il examines Shi-Woon, he tells all clan members to stand their ground. As Jin-Ie Kwon questions Jang-Il actions, she tells to him to consider his health. As he tells her to be quiet, he tells her of Shi-Woon's condition. He explains how survived the explosion and the condition of his body, he continues to tell Jin-Ie, he will die, however he wants to help the clan head best he can. As a swat team of police arrive at Nine Dragons High School, members of the Sun-Woo Clan, start to panic. Jang-Il then gives out one last order, not to let anyone approach him, until he has finished transferring his inner ki energy. All clan members understand his last order, and agree to his command. As Jin-Ie is unable to understand, a clan member starts to explain Jang-Il's sacrifice. As he gave his whole life to the Sun-Woo Clan, like a true murim he has chosen to die for the sake of his clan. Jang-Il starts remembers his time with the clan head. Shi-Woon then starts to wake up, he talks about them getting of on the wrong foot, but he is glad the ending turned out good.



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