Chapter 106
New Waves
NW Chapter 106
Release Date February 22, 2013
Cover Nine Dragons School
Pages 18
Chapter 105
Chapter 107

Chapter 106 is the 106th chapter of the The Breaker New Waves series.



As Shi-Woon Yi continues to fight, he starts to lose his focus, unable to recognise his opponent and remember what he was doing. As he remembers Jang-Il Jeong he starts to feel saddened, he then remembers Yae-Won's words during his training with her. As Ryuji trys to hit Shi-Woon he continues on the offence, forcing Ryuji to defend himself. As Ha-ru watches the fight between both competitors, she is unable to believe Shi-Woon's power. As Ji-Gun Yoo starts to regain consciousness, she goes to finish him off. Before she can do so, Ji-Woo Li intervenes. Ji-Woo explains to Ha-ru that Ji-Gun, is hers and she won't let anyone else touch him. As tensions start to grow between the two, Ha-ru receives a message that police are coming, she starts to leave and tells Ji-Woo to help everyone escape. As Ji-Woo goes to leave Ji-Gun starts to get up, he tells her he overheard everything and questions about it? Ji-Woo tells him she doesn't want him dyeing in pathetic way and leaves. As Shi-Woon continues to try and strike Ryuji, he thinks over the rumours heard about him. Ha-ru then shouts over to him they are out of time. As Ryuji starts to begin one final attack, Shi-Woon starts to remember his master Chun-Woo Han teaching him a very powerful technique. As Ryuji to set up his attack, Jin-Ie Kwon and Sun-Woo Clan Members look on with shock, unable to believe his Ki level. As Chun-Woo begins to explain how to technique is formed. Chun-Woo demonstrates how to technique is done, Ryuji then also strikes him with Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike. With Shi-Woon visualizing his master perform the technique while also watching Ryuji approach him.



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