Chapter 105
New Waves
NW Chapter 105
Release Date February 15, 2013
Cover Ha-ru
Pages 20
Chapter 104
Chapter 106

Chapter 105 is the 105th chapter of the The Breaker New Waves series.



Ryuji is seen sparing against Jae-gal. Jae-gal starts to talk to Ryuji. He claims he is surprised since his technique isn't that of the Nine Arts Dragon. When Ryuji asks about who is the Nine Arts Dragon. Jae-gal seems surprised, comparing their techniques. He proceeds to ask is he related to his master. After giving the name of Nine Arts' Master, Un-Wol and telling the events leading to his death. Ryuji would be stunned by this news unable to believe his master had died. He then demands to meet the Nine Arts Dragon, to which Jae-gal leads to way to him. As Shi-Woon walks out of the school building, Ryuji starts to prepare himself. As Shi-Woon goes to strike him, Ryuji ducks and delivers a combo of attacks to send him flying. Shi-Woon then prepares to stand up. As Shi-Woon gets up, he quickly begins to go on the offence, continuously trys to strike Ryuji. As Ryuji struggles to avoid his attacks, he begins to wonder the power of his ability's. As he believes he has surpassed the power of the Black Origin Threshold.



Debut Regular Flashback Mentioned
  • Un-wol


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