Chapter 104
New Waves
NW Chapter 104
Release Date February 8, 2013
Cover Ryuji
Pages 20
Chapter 103
Chapter 105

Chapter 104 is the 104th chapter of the The Breaker New Waves series.



After being struck by Shi-Woon Yi, Kwon-Young is seen flying through a set of double doors and lands on the outside of the School Building. Sun-Woo Clan look on at shock as Kwon appeared out of nowhere. Ha-ru witnesses Kwon's body landing to the outside and seems shocked and confused, as he was defeated. As she looks on with shock she wonders who could of possibly defeated him, concluding that it might have been Shi-Woon.

Ha-Ill also stunned at the events that had just unfolded before him, is unable to believe his eyes. As Ryuji looks on with unease thinking Shi-Woon had copied his techniques, which he deems Impossible, Shi-Woon threatens to kill him. As Ha-Ill tells him to calm down, Shi-Woon strikes him but Ha-Ill is able to dodge the attack. Shi-Woon attacks him again with a kick which sends Ha-Ill flying down the coridoor, rendering him unconscious. Ryuji looking on as Shi-Woon can't identify Freind from Foe, he starts to panic and retreat from Shi-Woon who charges towards him. Ryuji manages to retreat to outside, and then starts to think back to his training days.

His master, Un-Wol, states he is abandoning him, as he has committed a great sin and Ryuji should look for a new school. Ryuji tells him he will follow him everywhere to which Un-Wol laughs and put his hand on his head, draining his Ki in the process. While walking away he tells him, he doesn't want to place him in the Extreme Plateau. As he questions his master's words, the Alliance Chief of that time is seen. He tells him if wants to meet his master he should bring him the secrets to the technique. As Ryuji offers him the techniques of his school, the Alliance Chief declines his offer and states he only wants the Extreme Plateau. Angered at his words, he is then kicked for being disrespectful. When the Alliance Chief starts to walk away, he tells him he will never see his master again and should look for a new school, as he wouldn't want to live like a wondering dog. He claims he will become that.

Years later he is seen in a bar. A man claims his named is old fashioned and asks him if he wants to fight. He claims he is Sang-Hoon Lee from the Iron Fist School, and asks him if he is aware of it. Ryuji asks him if he isn't Ji-Ryong Kwon, to which Lee agrees and then decides to take him on, warning Ryuji he might die. Ryuji is seen to have defeated him and continues walking away. He thinks to himself he will try his hardest to be known within the murim, so he could meet his master again.



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