Chapter 103
New Waves
NW Chapter 103
Release Date February 1, 2013
Cover Sera Kang
Pages 28
Chapter 102
Chapter 104

Chapter 103 is 103rd chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Ryuji looks over towards Shi-Woon, Shi-Woon attempts to attack him. As Ryuji continues to evade the incoming attack, Shi-Woon continues on the offense, until he catches him in midair, leaving him open for Ki Strike by Ryuji. Ryuji's attack sends him hurling over towards the other side of the room, he explains Martial Arts isn't always about speed and power." Shi-Woon gets back up, despite Jin-Ie Kwon looking over the fight, looking concerned for him. Ryuji starts smirk since he has gotten back up. Shi-Woon once again attempts to attack him, but Ryuji blocks the attack with his hands. As Jin-Ie asks the Sun-Woo Clan member beside her, why didn't he try and stop Shi-Woon, he tells her he couldn't stop him, after he saw what had happened to Elder Jang-Il Jeong, to which Jin-Ie looks over to him.

Elder Jae-Kyu Kwon receives a phone call of the events unfolding at the school grounds, shocked to what he has heard, he tells all clan members to wait for his orders. Elder Kwon asks Hyun Won-Jae, who is currently with him, what if Shi-Woon uses martial arts. Hyun would be stunned at the question, but Elder Kwon tells him to answer. Hyun explains the current state of his "broken Ki center" saying that the Ki Center is formed but its shape has yet to finalize. Therefore if he uses heavy Martial Arts, his Ki Center would break for a second time, truly never able to learn Martial Arts again. As Elder Kwon tells him the Sun-Woo Clan could become extent if that happens, he makes a phone call. Jin-Ie is seen crying over Elder Jeong, asking him to wake up. Sun-Woo Clan receives orders from Elder Kwon, to stop Shi-Woon at all costs.

As Ryuji tries to understand the situation, he is hitting Shi-Woon with more powerful blows after each attack, but he starts to worry about his increasing speed, and worries if his power is also increasing. Kwon-Young is seen crashing through a school window, but quickly he gets back up. Ha-Ill Gang in mid-air, strikes him with his dagger, but Kwon fends off the attack with his own dagger. Ha-Ill delivers another mid-air attack, this time kicking him in the jaw. Ha-Ill continues to attack, as he slashes Kwon's body. As Kwon tries to take control of the fight using a foot technique, Ha-lll easily evades to attack. Just as Kwon believes he has underestimated the Sun-Woo Style, Shi-Woon crashes into a corridor wall, just behind Kwon. Kwon decides to use him as a hostage to escape from Ha-Ill after realizing that he can't easily win. Ryuji, not to far behind, tells him to leave Shi-Woon to him. Upon taunting him, Kwon is suddenly stroke with a surprise, due to him being distracted, and is sent flying upwards until being sent down the corridor and through a door by Shi-Woon. Both Ha-Ill and Ryuji looks onwards with shock.



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