Chapter 102
New Waves
NW Chapter 102
Release Date January 19, 2013
Cover Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 18
Chapter 101
Chapter 103

Chapter 102 is the 102nd chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Shi-Woon threatens to kill Ryuji, Jin-Ie try to warn him, he strikes her. Before it land, Jin-Ie ducks the incoming attack. Shi-Woon then strikes Ryuji. As Ryuji move back, Shi-Woon surprises him with a incoming attack from above. Just able to avoid the attack, Shi-Woon attempts to attack again. As Shi-Woon goes to strike him, Ryuji grabs his arm and tosses him forward. Crash landing in to a car, Shi-Woon starts to get back up. Members of the Sun-Woo Clan look on with shock. As Shi-Woon uses a car door, to stand up. He then tosses it towards Ryuji. As Ryuji is able to duck the attack, Shi-Woon quickly respondes goes to strike him. Ryuji goes to grab arm, before being able to do so. Shi-Woon uses a foot technique to move to his side. He then proceeds to toss him through a school window. Ha-ru and members of the Sun-Woo Clan are stunned. Ryuji gets back up on tells him, he has reached a new height.



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Locations Techniques Items
  • Black Orgion Thesland

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