Chapter 101
New Waves
NW Chapter 101
Release Date January 11, 2013
Cover Jang-Il Jeong
Shi-Woon Yi
Pages 22
Chapter 100
Chapter 102

Chapter 101 is the 101st chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



As Ha-ru worries the police will arrive. Ryuji tells her he will finish off Shi-Woon and takes his leave. As Jin-Ie trys to get past a group of panicked students, she starts to head towards Shi-Woon. As Sun-Woo Clan try to stall Ryuji so they can attend to Shi-Woon, Ryuji starts to attack, killing one clan member in the progress. As Shi-Woon stand ups he heads over to Elder Jeong telling him to stand up. As he gets no response, he starts to get angry and crying. As Ryuji trys to tell Shi-Woon their death is on his hands, Jin-Ie calls to him, to get his attention. As Jin-Ie kicks him, he remains unaffected, before dashing towards Shi-Woon direction to attack him. As Shi-Woon fails to dodge his incoming attack, Ryuji hits with the "Gale Force Destruction Strike", he is sent flying. As Ryuji turns his back believing is it over, at delivering the most powerful of all Ki Strikes. The Sun-Woo Clan fail to move, he turns around and shocked to see Shi-Woon get back up. Jae-Kyu Kwon is sat with Hyun Won-Jae discussing the state of Shi-Woon's Ki Center. As Shi-Woon gets back up he threatens to kill Ryuji and all of S.U.C.



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  • Black Orgion Thesland

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