Chapter 100
New Waves
NW Chapter 100
Release Date January 4, 2013
Cover Jin-Ie Kwon
Pages 22
Chapter 99
Chapter 101

Chapter 100 is 100th chapter of The Breaker New Waves series.



Jae-gal talks with So Jung Chan, about the bomb explosion at Nine Dragons High School, telling him. The Sun-Woo Clan don't know them, they wouldn't have expected it. He informs So Jung despite Shi-Woon's title, his death would later consequences. As So Jung replies’ asking isn’t taking too far, as he only wants his death. He continues to tell if they are after his life, it's logically to crush the Sun-Woo Clan while there at. With one bomb The Sun-Woo Clan will be unable to make a comeback. He then asks Jae-gal is he expecting too much. Jae-gal responds believing it will be enough. Students at Nine Dragons High School start to panic, while members of the Sun-Woo Clan begin to get up. As Kwon-Young goes to attack Ha-Ill Gang, he is suddenly kicked in the face by Jin-Ie Kwon. As she tries to question what had happened since being unconscious. Ha-Ill tells her to go check the other side of the building there was a explosion. Jin-Ie tries to reason with him, but he tells her to, regardless. Before walking away, Jin-Ie tells him not to die, otherwise he'll be sorry. Kwon-Young plans to stop Jin-Ie from leaving. Ha-Ill pulls out the knife from his leg, and strikes Kwon-Young with it. Kwon-Young tells Ha-Ill he is overexerting himself and he can't be beaten in his state. Ha-Ill grabs Kwon, and stabs in the leg with knife, asking him if they are in a stalemate yet. As Kwon knocks back Ha-Ill, he starts to think that fight would be over already. Ha-Ill then tells him he has pissed off majorly and bad him look bad. He then tells him to be prepared for the Sun-Woo Clans Swordsmanship, as it deadlier than he believes it is. Jin-Ie arrives on the offer side of the building, she tries to get past a group as students passing her direction. Ji-Gun Yoo looks on with disgust as S.U.C members start to change into student clothing. As Ji-Gun questions S.U.C's methods, Ha-ru tells him they didn't just come for Shi-Woon, but in fact for all "The Big Players". She tells him Sun-Woo Clan will be handling the consequences of the police. Ji-Gun questions the explosive goal. Ha-ru wraps her whip around his attack and throws him. Ji-Gun tries to get up. Ha-ru encourages Ji-Gun to attack, she begins to mock the rumours about him. Ha-ru stands on his hand and tells him it's all over. Ryuji disagrees and she tells her they haven't completed their mission yet. Members of Sun-Woo Clan pull out Shi-Woon Yi from wreckage, tell him to wake up. As Shi-Woon starts to wake up, he turns to a non-moving Jang-Il Jeong, who starts to fall. Members of Sun-Woo Clan then begin to panic.



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