Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike
Korean 혼 천 멸 격
Romanized Hon Cheon Meol Gyuk
Other Names Obscures Heaven Annihilating Strike
School Black Heaven & Earth School
Arts Rising Fist Arts
Classification Offensive
Type Internal
Execution Instantaneous
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 106

Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike (Hon Cheon Meol Gyuk): It is the most powerful technique from the Black Heaven & Earth School



As the strongest technique of arguably the strongest school in the entire Murim it is no surprise that it is both powerful and complicated. According to Chun-Woo Han this technique is quite difficult. It combined all the teachings of the Black Heaven & Earth School.


There are three main steps in starting this technique. Not all of them are understood but here is the basic outline from Chun-Woo Han.

  1. Gather the three different Ki flows and focus them into one area.
  2. Take 3 steps back. This movement is due to it belonging to the Rising Fist Arts and provides a chance to execute an Iron Kick. They were explained as 3 " steps" with a unique pattern, probably related to the Black Heaven and Earth School's movement teachings. 
  3. Finally, begin executing the strike by entering the 12 Red Heavens Paths. At this point the user assumes a posture with their back turned toward their opponent and fists touching near the bellybutton. From this point on the user must factor the technique into the situation they are in and use it accordingly. 
  4. The next step is not elaborated on in Chun-Woo Han's explanation but it seems that after gathering, focusing, and preparing their Ki the user instantaneously leaps forward (by likely using a Walking Technique such as Jin) and brings their right fist forward while turning their torso to maximize the blows power. 

Its strength is such that it creates a small shock wave upon impacting with its target and managed to tear open the side of a Black Origin Threshold user as well as maim one of his arms. [1]


While the inner(Ki) portion of this technique is clearly defined and specific, the outer(Physical) part is much more suggestive and malleable.  It seems that either arm can be used for the strike.  The action of meeting both fists in the pre-exection pose is unnecessary as shown by Shi-Woon and Chun-Woo using it with only one arm.  As Chun-Woo explained, an Iron Kick can be used but is not necessary.  So far only Shi-Woon has used an Iron Kick. 


  • On the cover of the first volume of The Breaker Chun-Woo's pose resembles a very relaxed form of the final step.
  • According to Ryuji Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike is easier when the user gather Ki first.

Known UsersEdit


  1. The Breaker New Waves Chapter 106


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