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Chang-ho's Gang

They are a group of three guys following Chang-ho. Like Chang-ho they are also 16 years old. They are non-Murim-in and first appear in Chapter 1 (The Breaker).


  • One guy has a normal hairstyle with a light color.
  • One wears glasses and has dark colored hair directed backwards with spiky ends.
  • The other has dark colored spiky hair.


Their personality matches the apathetic behavior of Chang-ho uncaring about anything other than having fun.


The BreakerEdit

Volume 1Edit

They are seen bullying Shi-Woon when Chang-ho tells them to stop and telling him to bring money with him [1]. The next day the take Shi-Woon to Chang-ho for the money they asked and when they take them they discuss with Chang-ho what to do with them [2]. After they find out that Sae-Hee is behind the reports about Chang-ho to the teacher they go to Shi-Woon and threaten him to bring her behind the gym [3]. When Shi-Woon shows up without her and tries to attack them they beat him up. Chang-ho stops them and threatens Shi-Woon but when he fights back again they start hitting him. The same night as they walk away they state that starting next day they will "fix him up" [4].



  • Chang-ho: he is their gang leader. They are very obedient towards him. It is unknown if the listen because they fear him or respect him.


  • Shi-Woon Yi: Their bullying victim. Decided by Chang-ho they extort money from him or beat him up.


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