Personal Info
Korean 창호
Romanized Changho
Nickname Mad Dog
Age 16
Gender Male
Status Active
Professional Info
Affiliation S.U.C.
Occupation Student (Former)
Operates in Normal Society
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 1
Part II Chapter 26

Chang-Ho was a first year student at Nine Dragons High School. He along with other students used to bully Shi-Woon Yi.


Chang-ho is a teenage boy with extremely short hair and narrow eyes with extremely small pupils. He often has a nasty sneer on his face. Because he had previously been punched in the face by an enraged Shi-Woon, he is missing the two front teeth of his upper jaw.


Chang-ho is extremely violent and mean to whoever he believes to be weak or whoever is bothering him. He is willing to even rape someone for the sake of revenge or to teach them a lesson. When he gets intimidated, he is willing to use a weapon to school and attempt to kill. He seems to not regard as important to kill someone.

As a member of the S.U.C Chang-ho looked up to the Nine Arts Dragons without knowing who he was and when he was tricked into believing that he was chosen by the Nine Arts Dragon he was more determined to finish off Shi-Woon and despite the damage that he was taking from the enhanced evil spirit medicine he refused to back down or stop his attack.


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The BreakerEdit

Volume 1Edit

He is seen bullying Shi-Woon Yi along with his gang extorting money from him and beating him up while smoking. When Chun-Woo Han introduces himself in class and starts teasing Shi-Woon he gets angry and shouts to Chun-Woo to start the lesson. When Chun-Woo chickens out he gets disappointed.[1] Chang-ho was waiting in the toilets where his gang brought Shi-Woon as he was supposed to bring them the promised money. After beating him up he receives the money and leaves with his gang discussing what to do later.[2]

During class the teacher comments on a girl reporting Shi-Woon's bullying and asks Shi-Woon about it. Chang-ho intervenes and states that it was a trifle argument and following the teachers instruction he shakes hands with Shi-Woon. Then he gets closer and threatens him about his girlfriend.[3] While he outside of the classroom, Sae-Hee goes in as she was looking for Shi-Woon; this made him realise the identity of the girl who reported the bullying to the teachers. Then he threatens Shi-Woon to bring her behind the gym after school.[4]

Chang-ho and his gang are waiting behind the gym for Shi-Woon to bring Sae-Hee. He shows up alone and they start beating him for not obeying them. Shi-Woon tries to fight back but the beating escalates leaving him unconscious. As they walk away Chang-ho states that they must teach him a lesson to which his gang agrees. [5].

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Practitioner Martial Artist (Pseudo Nine Arts): The S.U.C. used techniques that are said to be used by the Goomoonryong himself. After observing them, Shi-Woon realized that these are not the real techniques but imitations used by the S.U.C. as proof that they are Goomoonryong's disciples. Chang-Ho was taught some of them as well which he was able to use thanks to the pill he was given that forcefully activates his Ki though such usage threatened his life.

Techniques Edit

  • Pseudo Soul-Crushing Strike: Although not the same technique, as noted by Shi-Woon, it looks very similar. However, it's strength cannot be compared to the original technique.
  • Pseudo Walking Techniques: He was seen using them in his fight with Shi-Woon. However, they are not the same techniques as the ones taught to Shi-Woon by Chun-Woo Han and they are not as fast as the original Walking Techniques either.


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