Black Heaven & Earth Technique
Black H&E Technique
Korean 현천지공
Romanized Hyun Chun Ji Gong
Other Names Way of the Black Sky
School Black Heaven & Earth School
Classification Offensive
Type Internal
Execution Continuous
Manhwa Debut
Part I Chapter 26
Part II Chapter Needed

The Black Heaven & Earth Technique (현천지공 Hyun Chun Ji Gong), is taught by the Black Heaven & Earth School. It is the ultimate power distribution technique, coveted by all the Murim. It is the only technique strong enough to deal with the amount of Ki let off by the One Moon Divine Dan.[1]

This greatest of the Ki Circulation techniques was taught by Un-Wol to Chun-Woo Han who then passed it on to Shi-Woon Yi. It is envied and coveted by many masters and elites, most notably the Former Alliance Chief.


This technique is the reason for Un-Wol's exile. After mastering the technique, he was brought before the Martial arts alliance chiefs to demonstrate its final stage. After starting the demonstration Un-Wol unintentionally entered the Black Origin Threshold and blacked out. Upon waking up, Un-Wol discovered that he had slaughtered all the Munju in the room with no visible damage to himself.



The specifics of the technique have yet to be explained in detail, but it is implied that the technique allows the user to become stronger than they would be without it. Some possible explanations of its use may be seen when Shi-Woon is training under Chun-Woo when the latter explains that Ki exercises will bring basic skills such as speed and strength up to a new standard.


Despite its advantages, it is extremely difficult to use. The pure state of Black Origin Threshold can be accessed at any given time by the practitioner but there are cases when this cannot be controlled. Extreme negative emotions, such as anger, can spontaneously drive the user in the pure state. In addition, it seems that the longer the Black Heaven and Earth Technique remains active the closest the user gets to the Black Origin Threshold. This is shown as a natural reaction of the body due to exhaustion of Ki reserves.[2]


While the activation of the technique is yet to be explained. Chun-Woo said in one of the video he left for Shi-Woon that the first thing to be done was to gather Ki and he was shown doing it by taking a deep breath.


Black Origin ThresholdEdit

Main article: Black Origin Threshold
This form . . . This state . . . Is this what sunsengnim wanted all along!?
— Shi-Woon Yi

It is the purest form of the Black Heaven & Earth technique. The Black Origin Threshold causes the natural flow of the Ki to flow in reverse and signifies the moment when one surpasses the limits of the consciousness and the subconsciousness, the enemy & the self, and becomes the purest "Mu" (Fighting Spirit). Black Origin Threshold is the essence of the Black Heaven & Earth technique, but at the same time, it is the greatest fault. Those who have attained the threshold in the past were all swallowed up by animal-like emotions, and lost their sense of the self [3]. Learning to control it is the greatest goal of any practitioner of the Black Heaven and Earth Technique.

Known Users Edit


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