Black Heaven and Earth School
Black Heaven and Earth Technique Manuscript Hanja
B.H.& E. School manuscript.
Romanji Hyun Won-Moon
Munju Chun-Woo Han (Unofficial)
Allied Organization Martial Arts Alliance (Formerly)
S.U.C. (Unofficial)
Sun-Woo Clan (Unofficial)
Specialty Black Heaven and Earth Technique

Black Heaven and Earth School was an ancient school that consistently produces exceptional masters and students, even by the standards of the Murim.


Black Heaven & Earth School was an Ancient School and very power that rivals all schools within Murim.

Martial ArtsEdit


The full knowledge of the martial arts of this school is considered a mystery to everyone except of the selected-one student to whom the full teachings are passed on from the master. Although, the students may vary, for each generation only one individual is deemed worthy of the full knowledge. Although, referred here as "tradition", this is not something that consists part of the teaching process of the school but also something that can happen naturally and coincidentally like:

  • Chun-Woo meeting his master-to-be Un-Wol in the cave and becomes his student
  • Shi-Woon meeting his master-to-be Chun-Woo at the school where he went undercover for a mission from Black Forest Defence and with the help of blackmail.

Both cases coincidental but fitting the criteria of this tradition. This tradition makes this school an exception to the other schools and has been the reason for many conflicts to arise.


The nature of this school's martial arts revolves around using the circulation of Ki with in the body to enhance the practitioner's body's performance and result in techniques with great force. This force is both internal and external from the practitioner. As witnessed by Ryuji displaying this style's Walking Techniques, while giving the practitioner great speed, it also creates a wind-like pressure from his movements pushing the surrounding individuals back.

However, due to the interference with the Ki's circulation, which is a delicate area of the Ki's usage there are drawbacks to this style rendering it potentially dangerous. The most well known drawback so far is the emotion which can affect the performance of the practitioner. Strong negative emotions can distort the practitioner's circulation causing him to loose control while his performance is still enhanced resulting in the state known as Black Origin Threshold which is referred to as "an uncontrollable technique or Demon Art". Also, it should be noted that almost all of those who are practicing this style were seen with a dark aura around them and this is taken to the extreme while in the state of the Black Origin Threshold.


Name Classification
Black Heaven and Earth Technique

'Offensive', Distribution

Offensive, Distribution
Chaotic Heavens Destruction Strike Offensive
Soul-Crushing Strike Offensive
Gale Wind Destruction Strike Offensive
Heavenly Exploding Penetration Strike Offensive
Focus Stomp Offensive
Walking Techniques Defence, Offensive, Movement
Defence, Offensive, Movement
Defence, Offensive, Movement

Master-Student RelationshipEdit

The dangerous nature of this style was the reason for this tradition to be created. However, in order to select the individual worthy of the full knowledge of this style, the master must be certain that the individual will be chosen carefully. This leads to the necessity of a close relationship between master and student, a bond, that surpasses the connection between father and son. Proof of that is the relationship between Un-Wol-Chun/Woo Han and Chun-Woo Han/Shi-Woon Yi. This bond, however, does not imply that the rest of the students are cast aside.



This school seems to have been a prominent one amongst the others in the Murim. Its techniques became legend in the Murim. When someone managed to attain the highest technique of this school an entire council of Munjus assembled to watch its demonstration. In the last generation it birthed Un-Wol who had been called the strongest in his generation. When Un-Wol learned how to enter the Black Origin Threshold he was summoned to confirm this. However, Un-Wol could not control himself and killed all the elders who went to see the demonstration. Un-Wol was to be exiled despite many voted to kill him. Ryuji, the student of Un-Wol was expelled by his master in order not to drag him along with him. After Un-Wol was exiled the school was dissolved by the orders of the Chief of the Alliance.

Not much else is known about its history untill Un-Wol was exiled to a cave for his crimes. For some reason he took on Chun-Woo Han as his disciple and taught him everything he knew, even giving him the texts of the Black Origin Threshold, which he had witheld from his other disciple. This school again became a power in the murim when Chun-Woo Han competed in the Shinmujengpe and conquered all nine seats of power. Due to his immense disrespect the Council of Munjus decided to kill him inadvertently causing the death of his master who knew that his former fellow disciple wanted the Black Heaven & Earth Technique and would lose it if both practitioners died. Chun-Woo then went into hiding and maintained a low profile for many years before joining the Black Forest Defense in order to get revenge for his master.

In his absence he and his title fell into legend with many believing him to be dead or nothing but a made up story. As he was the only know disciple the school must too have fallen into non-existence.


Name Rank
Chun-Woo Han Beyond
Un-Wol Real Master
Un-Wol Master Unknown
Former Alliance Chief Real Master
Ryuji Real Master
Shi-Woon Yi Beyond


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