Black Forest Defence
Black Forest Defence
Chun-Woo Han leading his Men
Hangul 검은 숲 국방
Romanized Heuk Rim Bang
Founder(s) Kaiser
Headquarters Worldwide
Leader(s) Kaiser
Commander(s) Chun-Woo Han
Captain(s) Dimitri
Shadow Warriors:
Senior Member(s) Shi-Ho Lee
Other Members Ha-ru
Jang So-Sul
Jae-gal (Deceased)
Seung-Jae Bae (Deceased)
Affiliation Group of Five
Purpose Destruction of Martial Arts Alliance
The Black Forest Defence is an independent group of martial artists that oppose the Martial Arts Alliance who rule over the Murim


The group is led by Kaiser. Its main objective is to oppose the Murim world and its laws. It seems that it cooperates with other groups which are not composed of murim people. One of these groups is called the Group of Five. This group is apparently one of the most powerful groups, since the MI6 was trailing them and Kaiser was supposed to be careful of his actions towards them. Despite that he doesn't seem to care about them. This implies that the Black Forest Defence is very powerful itself. If the Group of Five and the Black Forest Defence join forces then there would be nothing that can be done to stop them.[1] Kasier has all ties to Goverment around the world and the CIA, FBI, KGB, MI6 and Interpol with double agents.



It it unknown when Black Forest Defence was created by Kaiser. At one time the group tried to get rid of Chun-Woo Han but he instead killed all their elite fighters. It is unknown whether Dimitri and Takeshi were involved in the incident or not.

The BreakerEdit

The group sent Chun-Woo Han, and later Alex and Shi-Ho Lee, to retrieve Jang So-Sul. The reason is the physical condition of So-Sul that is supposed to give her godly powers if treated. Because So-Sul is also the heir of the Sun-Woo Clan, she was held captive by the Martial Arts Alliance, which used her in order to control the Sun-Woo Clan.

While the Martial Arts Alliance was chasing Shi-Woon, the group sent Dimitri and Takeshi to assist the escape of Chun-Woo, Shi-Ho, So-Sul and Alex. In the end they had to stay longer, since Chun-Woo, along with Shi-Ho went to rescue Shi-Woon. This however was an opportunity for Kaiser (and the Black Forest Defence in general) to witness Chun-Woo's strength by sniping the already wounded Shi-Ho, therefore enraging Chun-Woo, while they had sent a helicopter with So-Sul, Dimitri, Takeshi and Alex to retrieve them.

The Breaker New WavesEdit

The Black Forest Defence has apparently managed to heal So-Sul's condition to a great extent. She has become able to burn a person alive simply by touching them. They intend to present So-Sul to their allied groups (affiliated with Murim and others) among other things.

Currently, there is an agreement between the S.U.C. and Black Forest defence. If the S.U.C. hand over Seoul to the Black Forest Defence then they will join forces.


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