Personal Info
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Professional Info
Ex-Affiliation Group of Five
Black Forest Defence
Ex-Occupation Group of Five (member)
Phantom Knights (Leader)
Manhwa Debut
Part II Chapter 85

Black was a member of a group affiliated to the Group of Five, when Jang So-Sul was being introduced to him, and three other members of the group by Kaiser.[1]


The most significant feature was a scar on his left eye. He wore a striped suit. He held onto a gun most of the time.


He was shown to be a mistrusting cruel person. He was avid to power and decided to kill the leader of the Black Forest Defence on his first opportunity, as he felt his position threatened was by him. He seemed to be a lolicon as Red was disgusted when he saw and heard him when he was close to So-Sul.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

Punching the Encirclement is for the Last Fight..!!Edit

When So-Sul was to be introduced to the Group of Five, he was awaiting Kaiser. He could not think that the Group of Five would gain anything in cooperating with the Black Forest Defence and tried to ambush their leader Kaiser. As Kaiser introduced So-Sul as an incredible person, he thought, he had confirmed his beliefs. He therefore threatened So-Sul to make a last test whether she was capable enough. This however, was a clear underestimation of her powers. Then he was killed when So-Sul used an ability to burn his body.[1]


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