Hyung Park
Nickname Park
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Murim
Special Ops
Occupation Special Ops Agent
Personal Status
Status Alive
Martial Arts
Rank Practitioner
First Appearance
Manhwa Debut Chapter 111 (NW)

Park is a member of the Special Ops Unit.


Park is a tall bulky man. He wears a black ski mask along with a tank top, over a bullet proof vest and combat pants. He also carry's knife around on his back.


He is generally spontaneous and quite talkative, in contrast to what his position as agent of the Special Ops would require. As a result, he is constantly scolded by his superior and colleagues. He whines for anything he wants and lacks the cautiousness of an agent paying too much attention on what should normally be instead of the possibility of something not ordinary actually happening like in the case of him doubting that Shi-Woon Yi was able to hear them from a great distance.


The Breaker New WavesEdit

Park is hiding in the forest with his team waiting for Shi-Woon to show up after he escaped from the hospital. He is complaining about the training program of the Special Forces noting that it is the 21st century but the still fight that way. He keeps complaining and is being scolded by the team boss when Shi-Woon is spotted. They hide but Shi-Woon is able to spot them and runs away. The team blames Park as they run after him. When they catch up and try to restrain him but Shi-Woon fights back. Park tries to use the Movement Restricting Technique but is instantly defeated [1] and after him the rest of the team as well.[2]

Techniques & AbilitiesEdit


Capable Martial Artist: Being an active member of the Murim Special Ops he is a capable agent although he is teased about his mastery on his techniques.


  • Movement Restricting Technique: A basic technique of the Murim Special Ops that restricts the targets movements. The level of this technique is high enough to restrict even the movements of seasoned pro martial artists without the hope of escape.[1]


Team MatesEdit



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